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Technical description

This software is developed with java and is running in a apache tomcat container. The database server is MySQL. This project has been designed according to actual software engineering methodology using a set of widely accepted standards and tools. It is using 100% Open source tools and is released upon [LINK TO LICENCE PAGE HERE] licence. Below is a list of frameworks and tools used in this project.


  • Full https encryption with a certificate from an official authority.
  • Security model implemented with spring security
  • Business level security model based on roles and centers
  • Daily backup
  • Both data and application are hosted on dedicated servers at
  • [Something about CNIL here...]


  • History tracked for user login/logout
  • History tracked for Patient creation/update/deletion.
  • Complete journal of patient data modifications across time (at the annotation level).
  • Journal of modifications by user/center/patient/date.

Quality of data

  • Mandatory set of data needed to enter a patient.
  • Online printable data dictionnary (parameter definitions, possible values, ...)
  • Most annotations have constrained values, only very specific data are entered as free text.
  • Patients can be tagged for a complete review or if they need to be completed
  • On demand statistics to track inconsistencies or incompleteness
  • Online help pages (patient form, data queries)


  • This software provides a secured web service layer to exchange data with identified partners (an additional certificate is needed)
  • Linked to [LAMES VIRTUELLES]
  • Patients are automatically imported after they have been [DECRIRE PROCESS COMPTE RENDU STD] (for BergoniĆ© center so far)
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