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Patient form

The web site offers the possibility to read, create, update patient form according to your rights. Existing cases are accessible from the search page (Patient > Existing case) or from the query result page. In each page you can open form by clicking the patient file number link (first column). Add a new case is accessible from the left menu (Patient > New case).

    • Overview : screen is divided in 3 parts. Left panel gives the overview of the patient structure in the tree. It's possible to expand/collapse nodes and navigate in the patient form by clicking on the nodes. Patient detail panel will stay all the time while right bottom panel will change every time a node is selected.

    • Add tumour : Let's click on "Tumour" button. This will create a second tumour different from the existing one. Patients with 2 different tumours are rare and you should be careful before creating it.

    • Add sample : select the tumour node on which you want to add the sample and click on "Sample" button. If node selected is note a tumour, a popup will appear.

    • Add frozen : select the sample node on which you want to add the frozen and click on "Frozen" button. If node selected is note a sample, a popup will appear.

    • Display molecular cytogenetics : select frozen or paraffin node and select Yes or No in the Combobox. This action will automatically refresh the tree showing or hiding molecular cytogenetics in the tree.

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