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Welcome to conticagist

The CONTICANET database and tumour bank

This database contains anonymised information describing the tumour, treatment and follow-up as well as tumour sample availability and molecular biology analyses for GIST.

The tool can be used as a local center database thanks to its rules for access to patient data and material. It will be maintained and updated centrally. Please follow this this this link to fill the account application form

The query tool allows users to ask questions about the overall content of the database in order to evaluate the feasibility of specific collaborative studies.

We hope this database will become an important tool for increasing our knowledge on these rare tumours and for developing joint research programmes.

Content overview
conticagist currently contains the following data from 19 out of the 44 registered centres :
  • 2071 Patients
  • 2075 Tumours
  • 2596 Samples (2584 Paraffins and 449 Frozens)
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